International houseclearing

Our houses are places that protect and shelter us, we relax there or experience our deepest emotions. It is a place that absorbes all of our emotional energies and that of previous owners, the good ones and the bad ones.

Sometimes you visit houses that you immeditately fall in love with and there are the ones you want to leave as soon as you get there.

We connect with our homes, they are a reflection of us, but somehow they also develope their own personality. Due to the people who live there, but also due the grounds they are build on.

The ground and land your house is build on also has an influence on the house. The history and shadows of the past can have an impact on the house. The bricks and other materials your house is made of are penetrable and can store all kinds of energies. A combination of all those different energies can cause your house and/or business to feel unpleasant and heavy. The inner light, the Sparkle of your place has become dull or completely covered.

mirjanascheepens-afbeelding-b (4)

Doing a houseclearing brings back the light in your house, gives it an open and spacious feeling. You also feel a much better connection with your house and place of business.

It is known that after houseclearings, people feel urged to change the interiour, have a good cleaning or redecorate rooms. Some even have a go at the garden and make it into a wonderful relaxing place.

So a houseclearing doesn’t just light up your house, it also helps the people who live in it to feel more connected to themselves. Because when the energy in your house changes it rubs off on of you too. That is the bonus!


How does is work?

For houses far away from mine there are 2 options. I can do a live houseclearing using Skype/ Facebook video or i can do a distant house clearing.

When you are interested, first we connect through phone or Skype so we get to know each other and we both can ask questions. You tell me something about your house and what you experience there. I'll also explain how i do a house clearing.

When this resonates with you and you want to go along and let me do a houseclearing  I'll ask for a houseplan (just an easy drawing) with all the rooms, stairs and hallways, garden and sheds in it. I also ask you to grade the rooms ( 1 = feels awefull, 10 = great), so there is a starting point.

We make an appointment for the day and time of the clearing.

During the clearing i’ll make an audio file, so you can listen to it after the clearing is done.

You’ll hear what things i encounterd, what i saw and cleared. Sometimes you get a message from me or the house too.

After a week you grade the rooms again. (no peaking in the first grading) If there still is a room below a 7, i’ll check in with that room to see what is  needed. It is a part of my service.

Then you put your 2 different grades together and see the improvement. I love to get those grades too!

Is it done and forever cleared?

Yes and No

The big part is done. Like us, the house is influenced by energies. So it still needs some tender love and care every now and than. But it is something you can handle yourself. I give you tips to maintain a good energy in your house.

What are the costs?

I do a distant houseclearing for €150,- (standard house)

When you would like me to come to your house, then the travel costs will be added. (or make me an offer i can’t refuse ? )

Yes! I want this

Other possibilities

It is also possible to put in a request for a clearing for your place of business, schoolbuilding,  etc. The price will be upgraded to the size of the building.

When you resonate with this, go ahead and contact me!


I listened to your recording in wonder. I'm going to listening to it again, so i can hear the things i didn't pick up on the first time. Almost everything you felt and saw I have to confirm. Sometimes pretty confronting.There's been a lot of movement since the houseclearing. Cleaning, getting rid of rubbish and my husband has gone to actionmode. He is doing things that were long pending. I felt some dizziness the days after. I am satified by how the house feels now.Thank you ♥

Petra Herreboudt (Belgium)


Our house has been up for sale for 3 years. We have an amazing house and it has been a great home for our family. We love our home but our family needs to move on to new adventures. We had no idea why things were not shifting for us. We had done clearings and intention settings! Mirjana saw a few of my posts and she tuned into the grounds! The grounds! Wow. We had no idea that the grounds around the house could also be influencing it! During the clearing session there was a lot of awareness, tears and transformation for all involved. Within a week, a week!, everything started shifting! I cannot recommend this clearing enough! Mirjana has the ability to tune into the house and grounds on many levels and clear what no longer serves you and your home'

Karin Monster-Peters


Your houseclearing was very powerful. Amazing that you can do that from a distance!And...after a period of silence, we got buyers for the house.

José van Schuppen