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This is me

My name is Mirjana.

This is me, living to the fullest, radiant and loving life. It took me a while to get there and now I wish for you, that you can be your radiant self and sure of your place in the world.

I have been a primairy school teacher for 23 years. All the while my curiousity and eagerness to learn brought me to exiting places. I becam a NLP trainer, learned how to work with family constellations en discovered the language and traumas of the body during Somatic Experiencing. There I was trained to as a body-oriented traumatherapist.

And as it applies to all of us, life gave me invitations to free myself further: A burn-out, Lyme disease and a divorce.

During every training and experience my own traumas, believes and blockages where unveiled layer by layer. I learned how it felt to feel free.

As icing on the cake I discovered or more accurate remembered, how I can work and heal with energy. With that I have a powerful toolbox with tools I can use to guide you.

I love to take you on a journey into your own process to a lighter heart , zest for life and inner softness. So you'll be open to enjoy the fullness and abundance of life.